Pathfinder Society

The Lady of Silver

Return to Katheer


Captain Tahlia Winters, Sweetpea, Stark and Claude travel to the mighty city of Katheer to witness the wedding of Pathfinder Faren Faireven to the Lady of Silver. And to escort some historical artefact that Master Bashir, the father of the bride, is donating to the Pathfinder society.
During the wedding reception some gift-animals escape their cages and the artefacts are stolen while guests flee lions and a stampeding elephant.
(Sweetpea gets his feet burnt on hot coals. Trask and Voruk arrive late)
The group follow a lead to a cult-hall of a group of fire worshiping dervishes. While they make quick work of the swordsmen, they discover the grisly remains of slaves being sacrificed to the unholy fire god Molock.
After a brief visit to the temple of Imodae, and back to the (now empty) wedding reception, the group press on to the home of Merchant Raamiz Ibn-Chadli, who was a jilted suitor of the Lady of Silver. While Tahlia is searching the merchant’s house for evidence, Sweetpea tries the front door while Voruk and Trask find some devils and hell spawn in the servant quarters. Voruk charges in and falls in battle… but survives. The group rally and fight off the remaining two winged demon-archers who flee into the night skies.
The Trask, Voruk, and Stark were placed under arrest, the Pathfinders had been accused of attempted murder, theft of the relics and other crimes. Tahlia turned herself in later that night.
Sweetpea visited the bathhouse, and found himself surrounded by armed guards on exiting the bath; naked and unarmed he immediately attacked the guards and was nearly killed.
Claude murdered the slaves of Raamiz in their sleep. Claude then disguised himself and bluffed his way into the Satrap’s compound as a lawyer for the Pathfinders.
The prisons were afforded all the luxuries of a visiting prince (apart from their freedom and weapons). Tahlia had a strange visit by the noble Ben-Radaw who took delight in mocking her Taldan heritage. The group’s hearing was the first in the morning, and thanks to all the evidence gathered they had no issue in proving their innocence and being awarded the power to arrest Raamiz Ibn-Chali.
The group discover that imposters posing as the Pathfinders had left the city the previous evening, while they had been searching the city for clues to the missing artefacts.
They group arrived at the Tomb of the Upright High Priest Ubaidah Abd-Hikmah. It appears this was the target of Raamiz Ibn-Chadli and his doppelgangers; to frame Faren Faireven and the pathfinders as grave robbers.
An epic battle ensues with a deadly demon-powered-sorcerer and his doppelganger-ogre minions. Once more the Pathfinders are victorious…


Master Bashir awards the Pathfinders a great bounty of priceless relics. Raamiz is slain, and the Satrap donates his house to church of Sarenrae. In the city of Katheer winged archers with flaming arrows hunt now hunt unwary travellers.
Trask discovers that slaves have been murdered, and the tracks and scent of the killer matches Claude De Boudins.
Defender of Katheer: PCs who successfully defeat the sorcerer Raamiz Ibn-Chadli earn a small amount of renown with the people of Katheer. Whenever the PCs deal with humanoids from Katheer in the future, they receive a +1 circumstance bonus to all Diplomacy checks.
The Short Sword: Sweet Pea is now known as ‘Short Sword’ amongst Qadira guardsmen. The story of how earned the nickname in the bathhouse is told to all new soldiers and guards of the Satrap. He gains a +2 intimidate with Qadira guards and -2 diplomacy with Qadira nobility.


Everyone except Tahlia levels up, see spreadsheet.
Everyone – 1 extra prestige for roleplaying, even if it meant loss of prestige.
Sweetpea – 0 prestige.
Tahlia – 0 prestige, missed the chance with Ben-Radaw and Stark foiled the other attempt.
Claude – 0 prestige, missed a few opportunities.
Trask – 2 prestige, recovered amulet and presented evidence of illegal deeds of slavers to law.
Voruk – 2 prestige, recovered amulet and presented evidence of illegal deeds of slavers to law
Stark – 2 prestige, artefacts examined and tomb restored.

Hero Points

Sweatpea – used 0 hero points, gained 1 hero point for levelup, capped at 3pts.
Tahlia – used 1 hero points.
Claude – used 1 hero points, gained 1 hero point for levelup
Trask – used 1 hero points, gain 1 heropoint for levelup, capped at 3pts.
Voruk – used 3 hero points, gain 1 heropoint for levelup.
Stark – Gain one heropoint

Items for purchase

+1 flaming great axe
potion of invisibility
potion of barkskin
wand of web
scroll of fireball


Stragen Stragen

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