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Lost at Bitter End

Geb's Rest



Captain Tahlia Winters, Sweetpea, Stark, Trask and Claude travelled to Geb’s rest (a run down town on the edge of the mana wastes) to find Pathfinder Rijana and recover her journals. Rijana was attempting to find a way to restore life and magic to the inhospitable and deadly mana wastes. The party find the town deserted apart from two Bone Devils and their undead minions: scouts from a ancient army. After defeating one of the devils (toad in a bag) and forcing the other flee, they find Rijana’s desiccated corpse and the first of her Journals. Voruk, having overslept, arrives after the battle. Trask stays in the town to look after the animals and livestock. The party journeys into the deadly mana wastes, where magic doesn’t work, or surges unpredictably, and strange anti-magic beasts hunt foolish travellers, in search of Rijana’s campsite and her other journals. Enacting a ritual the find themselves in a pocket dimension, where it is always twilight, but the ruins of ancient Geb are strangely still intact. Sweetpea leaves his trusty horse behind in the mana wastes. They party find an ancient army in stasis… However, a strange priest is slowly reanimating the army:- a battle ensues and the priest and his undead scouts are defeated. Following the road back to Geb’s Rest, they discover the city restored to it former glory, and guarded by a small army of undead. Another priest is slowly sacrificing the townfolk for a strange (and unsuccessful) ritual. Tahalia moves ahead to scout, while Sweet pea makes a frontal assault and an epic running battle ensues as they work their way around the icewalls and undead to fight two Bone Devils. Tahlia manages to sneak up on the priest and prevent him from sacrificing the remaining townsfolk. The battle is bloody and deadly. Voruk was slain before the priest and his bone devils are killed. The last journal is found in the possession of one of the Bone Devils. Voruk was raised using a scroll.


The majority of the Citizens at Geb’s Rest (Bitter End) are returned to the material plane alive. The Bone Devil lead invasion of Golarion is averted. However, an ancient army still awaits for orders for an ancient war.


Sweetpea – 1 prestige (accounting), horse never returned .
Tahlia – 1 prestige, horse never returned with saddle bags.
Claude – 2 prestige
Trask – 2 prestige, Voruk’s and the mayor got along like old friends
Voruk – 2 prestige, Voruk made DC 15 diplomacy check!
Stark – 2 prestige,

Tahlia gains Scion of Geb: you have saved the townfolk of Geb’s Rest and your legend has spread far and wide in the nation of Geb. Any future dealings with native Gebbietes inside or outside the country grants you a +1 circumstance bonus to any Charisma based checks.

Hero Points

Sweatpea – used 1 hero point
Tahlia – used 2 hero points. Gain 1 hero point for saving townsfolk including Mayor and Blacksmith.
Claude –
Trask –
Voruk – Used 1 hero point
Stark – Used 2 hero points (went negative hero points!)
Everyone – Gains 1 hero point for level up

Items for purchase

Belt of Giant Str +2 (4000gp)
Lesser metamagic rod of extend (3000gp)
+1 Light fortification full plate (5650gp)
Headband of Wisdom +2 (4000gp)
Scroll of flamestrike (1125gp)
Scroll of raise dead (6125gp)


The spreadsheet with gold, xp, prestige and heropoints.


Stragen Stragen

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